Hailey, Beth and Adelle motivated to look after your SKIN

What motivates us?

My passion for skin care burns deep in my soul. 2018 will be my year of education. I will dedicate the coming year to completing my advanced skin analysis training and my validations with DMK. We know that your time is precious and when you enter SKIN, expect nothing less than the ‘Princess Factor’. Happy New Year. Hailey xx

I love pampering my clients from head to toe. I aim to have you feeling amazing from as soon as you walk in the door. This year brings advanced education experiences with DMK and I can’t wait to pass on my knowledge with clients.

I believe I exist to make others look and feel their absolute best. My focus at Skin is on running the business and I’m the “almost” silent partner for Hailey, supporting her until she is ready for the big step of being sole owner. Hailey is amazing, and with Beth to support her, you are in expert hands.