Lunchtime peel

What is a Lunchtime Peel?

The Lunchtime Peel performs a controlled micro-removal of the epidermis – leaving the skin looking instantly radiant and luminous. It is also a great option to minimise fine-lines and wrinkles, minimise open pores and brighten the skin. This process also encourages new cells to grow stronger and healthier. But the best part is that this peel addresses the symptom of the condition without any visible downtime or post treatment irritations.

Key ingredients

Glycolic acid: Removes dead skin cells on the surface.
Lactic acid: Less irritating than other acids, it refreshes and retexturises the skin whilst stimulating cell renewal.
Citric acid: Derived from fermented orange oil, it both balances the skin’s pH and helps to bind lipids and fluids for increased hydration.
Salicylic acid: Has an anti-microbial action that helps to fight infection and bacteria, keeping the skin clean and clear.
Malic acid: Promotes smoother, firmer skin.

What is it?

The DMK Lunchtime Peel is a gentle aesthetic procedure designed to act as a conservative stratum corneum peel to reveal an instantly brighter, smoother and even textured appearance of the skin.

Who is it for?

The DMK Lunchtime Peel is designed for anyone seeking to freshen the appearance of their skin in a short period of time, with no visual downtime.

How does it feel?

The application of the serum will make the skin feel warm and you will feel a slight stinging and tingling sensation. This will normally last for a few minutes. A neutraliser will then be applied to negate the action of the acid solution. A refreshing intense hydration masque will plump and replenish the skin, followed by vitamin C therapy for skin firming and strengthening, and finally a multi-vitamin, mineral, amino acid and essential fatty acid infusion.

What to expect?

You may experience some mild to moderate post-treatment symptoms such as:

  • Flaking or sheeting of accumulated cell material.
  • Redness and heat in the skin.
  • Trapped sebum plugs.
  • Changes in the colour of any pigmentation present on the surface of the skin.

Your DMK Professional Skin Revision Therapist will recommend the use of DMK Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel at home for three days after DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment, to alleviate any of these symptoms. It is important you adhere to your DMK Home Prescriptive regime, as prescribed by your DMK Professional Skin Revision Therapist.


DMK EFA Ultra is designed for a wide variety of conditions with the aim of repairing the cell membranes and helping to rebuild a stronger healthier and better functioning skin.

DMK EFA Ultra is formulated to aid in the improvement of barrier function and to reduce transepidermal water loss. It is particularly useful for acne and inflamed or reactive skin, pigmentation and hormonal imbalance as well as fine lines, wrinkles and aging, saggy skin.

The health of our skin is determined by the matrix. Our matrix is the jellylike substance made up of glycoaminoglycans (GAGs) that surrounds our cells.

EFAs are a major component of the lipid barrier that prevents excessive moisture loss in skin. They promote the repair of tissue damage, especially after aggressive skin revision treatments or cosmetic surgery.

EFAs are required for the structure of all membranes in the body. They waterproof the skin, maintain the impermeable barrier of the skin, and act as precursors for the production of prostaglandins, which regulate all cell functions. Prostaglandins help regulate hormones.
EFA fatty acids must be obtained from the diet. They come from an outside source and are not manufactured by our body.

EFA deficiency will prevent the complete formation of the bi-layers that are responsible for corneocyte adhesion and prevent transepidermal water loss. If the skin can’t retain proper amounts of water it will not excrete waste properly and therefore stagnate and become clogged.

Individual supplements are rarely sufficient. Patients with acne, for example, tend to have higher levels of squalene and wax esters, and show lower levels of essential fatty acids. This causes sebaceous fluid to be thicker and stickier, therefore clogging the pores and ducts.

Aiming to boost the skin and body’s immune responses, DMK EFA Ultra works to promote damaged tissue. It helps to maintain the turgidity and bounce of skin by increasing free water levels. DMK EFA Ultra is designed to work quickly and to offer results within just three weeks.