Hailey's skin transformation

Hailey’s skin transformation

Now that the weather has turned cooler, Hailey has undergone a full regime of Skin Peel and Enzyme Therapy in-salon, plus home care to bring her skin back to top condition.

Pigmentation is best treated in the cooler months. During summer the earth’s orbit brings Australia closer to the sun, which results in an additional 7% solar UV intensity. That’s 15% more UV exposure than a European summer!


Different patterns of pigmentation and loss of pigmentation caused from UV radiation, genetics, hormones and trauma cover the cheeks, chin and forehead. With a combination of home care and in-salon treatments (Remodelling Peel and Enzyme Therapy Level 2 & 3) Hailey was able to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and improve the clarity of the skin. It’s all about the:

  • removal of dead skin cells and pigmentation
  • rebuilding the integrity of the skin
  • protecting it from UV radiation, especially during treatment phase, and
  • maintaining the results with monthly enzymes and home care that supports healthy cell function and suppresses the production.


  • Deep Pore Cleanser – Careful balance of natural botanical astringents and antiseptics act to detoxify, brighten and protect the skin.
  • Melanotech Drops Tone Balancer – Fades pigmentation without bleaching. Melanotech drops contain no harmful lightening ingredients or toxic chemicals that bleach the skin. The signs of Hyperpigmentation are faded through a process of inhibiting melanin production and regulating cell activity.
  • Beta Gel Hydrating Beta-Glucan Serum – Betaglucan has been shown to stimulate the skin’s inbuilt immune system and also work as a potent antioxidant against destructive free radicals that cause premature ageing. Beta gel serum can help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation almost immediately by boosting the skin’s immune defence system, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back.
  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum – Recommended for men and women of all ages, Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum revises wrinkles and fine lines working towards a brighter skin tone and firmer texture.
  • Melanotech Crème Tone Balancer – Aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful antioxidants designed to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation.
  • SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Alternating nights

  • Revitosin Vitamin A Exfoliant Lotion – Regulates the natural rhythm of your skin with an advanced vitamin A restorative formulation. This product is very versatile and is highly beneficial for both prematurely aged and acne prone skins. Designed to gently remove dead, redundant skin cells, whilst strengthening the skin. Revitosin aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, dryness and sun-damage. Addressing the dysfunctions that contribute to skin conditions, Revitosin is a supreme regulator. This product is used in conjunction with any DMK skin revision program and prior to DMK’s Pro-Alpha Six-layer Peel.
  • Super Bright Skin Brightening Crème – A revolutionary blend of botanical ingredients for pigmentation, sun-damage and uneven skin tones, super bright brightens skin  without the side effects of harmful toxins or making your skin more photo sensitive. A must-have for skins suffering from discolouration.