Through adopting a paramedical view of the skin, we can examine then formulate, a bespoke skin program and home prescriptive, which will address the causes as opposed to symptoms of your skin concerns.


  • Petite manicure
    Grooming of the fingernails, massage & nail polish.
  • Deluxe manicure with paraffin
    Grooming of the fingernails, exfoliation, massage & masque of the hands and forearm, paraffin infusion, nail polish.
  • Shellac petite manicure
    Grooming of the fingernails, shape, buff & shellac colour, plus a hand massage.
  • Shellac deluxe manicure
    The comprehensive, pampering deluxe manicure with shellac replacing the nail polish.

We 100% guarantee our treatments & products. If you are not completely satisfied with a treatment, we will repeat that service. If you have a proven reaction, or a product is wrongly prescribed, we will exchange or provide a credit, within 1 month of purchase with proof of purchase at skin. We do not refund.

We support the community. If your school, club or registered charity seek a donation, we will provide a voucher.