Through adopting a paramedical view of the skin, we can examine then formulate, a bespoke skin program and home prescriptive, which will address the causes as opposed to symptoms of your skin concerns.

DMK skin peels

remove refers to the peeling process
rebuild refers to the specific home care that follows
protect refers to the use of sun protection
maintain refers to the ongoing home care & salon treatments to maintain the results

  • Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel
    The 6 layer peel is like a skin renovation.
    It is a resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage & scarring. The skin appears smoother, younger & firmer. This professionally applied treatment revises the old damaged skin & works to re-establish structural integrity. The procedure takes 10 days. Follow with the Muscle Banding Treatment for optimal results
  • DMK Remodelling Procedure (RP)
    RP reconstructs the skin on both face & body to a healthier skin.
    RP aims to revise the processes that have developed as a result of the sun or environmental damage & is an industry proven way of dealing with sun-damage, premature ageing, loose sagging & wrinkled skin. It can be done on face, neck, décolletage, arms, legs, hands… anywhere that needs revising back to a healthier state.
  • Mini peel
    This peel is perfect for busy mums, & those time poor but in need of extra TLC for an instantly radiant & luminous skin. Minimises fine-lines and wrinkles, minimises open pores & brightens the skin. This process also encourages new cells to grow stronger & healthier.
  • Mini peel with enzyme treatment

*10% discount to all students still at school. Excludes school formal make-up.

We 100% guarantee our treatments & products. If you are not completely satisfied with a treatment, we will repeat that service. If you have a proven reaction, or a product is wrongly prescribed, we will exchange or provide a credit, within 1 month of purchase with proof of purchase at skin. We do not refund. We support the community. If your school, club or registered charity seek a donation, we will provide a voucher.